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Boost Brothers is a new show featuring expert mechanics who build some of the fastest street racing cars in there world. With customized turbocharged systems, these cars with over 1000 hp, can reach speeds of  200+ mph and decimate the competition.  

This is not the street racing you may have seen on other television shows, this is the real world of underground racing. Anyone can build an 8 second car and trailer it to the track or strip of road to race, these cars are driven to the track or other location, put those cars to shame, and drive home.

From the size of a tiny dragonfly to a full-sized commercial airliner, remote controlled aircraft are quickly becoming a sociatal norm - whether we want them or not.


The FAA has given approval for up to 30,000 drones to cover the sky over the United States and many more throughout the world. We are there to go behind-the-scenes to examine their true capabilities and reveal the secrets.

​Drone Wars has been given exclusive access to showcase these amazing aircraft and watch how they change aviation and the world.

You think you have seen everything?  The people of Zen Masters will shock and amaze you with what they are able to do with only their mind.

Taking meditation to a whole new level, this show will explore exactly what is behind this phenomenon that makes it both interesting and useful for people in their everyday lives.

Not a form of spirituality as some have suggested, but a form of self-discipline and focus that enables them to become true zen masters in our fast-paced world where the stress of everyday affects us all.

Zen Masters will educate and inspire all who watch.

Exploring the great unknown, Zero Gravity features the astronauts who risk everything to advance our knowledge of the universe. Bringing us onboard the International Space Station and showing us what the future holds, these brave men and women take one giant leap for all mankind.


This series will bring together scientists, engineers, and pilots from every continent on the planet earth to solve some of the most important challenges facing humanity in our lifetime.


Never before has any network had direct access to space – until now.

Crossing the globe to bring their unique music and uplifting message to people throughout the world, this eclectic 4-piece band of street musicians known as Streetlight Cadence is on a mission to change the world one person at a time.

All You Need Is Love is a new docu-reality series that will entertain and inspire a new generation of youth, as well as adults, to look outside themselves and explore the diverse cultures and people they encounter on their journeys.

No music show has ever delved this deep into the human experience to create a worldwide following and movement for unity and love among all people.

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